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Why We’re the Best

We LOVE growing flowers! It all started when Amy was a little girl and followed her grandmother around her flower garden and they would talk about all the flowers. Those were special times! Today, Amy has followed in her grandmothers footprints and is passionate about helping her customers use flowers not only as a way to decorate their home but as a way to relax, spend time with loved ones and stimulate their creativity.



  • We trim, trim, trim like crazy while they are growing in the greenhouse so that you can have the bushiest, best-branched plant possible! (Amy’s biggest pet-peeve is a STRINGY plant)
  • We will never use any GROWTH REGULATOR chemicals that a lot of big growers use to hold plants at a certain stage (box-store plants). These growth regulated plants take a long time time to get established for the home gardener and will never become BIG BEAUTIFUL plants.
  • GUARANTEED GREEN! No yellow leafed plants here are The Patch! Our flowers are fed EXACTLY what they need to be the healthiest for our customers!
  • All about those ROOTS: The biggest compliment Amy can get on her plants? “Your plants sure have nice ROOTS!!” We grow all our plants in a 4.5 inch square pot because pot SIZE does MATTER! The bigger the pot the more roots you can grow and the bigger and better the plant top will be!
  • No Bugs. Most of our plants have had insect protection applied to them when they were young and that protection should last for up to 6 weeks so you don’t have to worry about BUGS on your plants. This is an added growing expense for us but is a very real benefit that you DO NOT get from many greenhouses or big box-stores.

Amy’s Flower Tips

  • Cheap potting soils are very costly, as the plants will never be as beautiful as they could be.
  • Choose plants that require the same growing conditions; i.e. sun/shade and moist/dry requirements.
  • As the plants grow, occasionally use a pair of scissors to give them “haircut” to keep encourage new blooms.
Container Gardening Tips

Five locations open 7 days a week

Washington, Indiana

2 Locations

405 South State Rd 57
Washington, IN 47501
Phone: 812-257-0805
Open: mid April – mid September
Hours: April Flower Season
9am – 6pm Mon-Sat
11am – 5pm Sun
Vegetable Season
9am-7pm Sun-Fri
9am-8pm Sat

HWY 50
Washington, IN
Phone: 812-698-7853
Open: mid June – mid August
9am-7pm Sun-Fri
9am-8pm Sat

Loogootee, Indiana

609 West Broadway
Loogootee, IN 47553
Phone: 812-295-4189
Open: mid June – Labor Day
9am-7pm Sun-Fri
9am-8pm Sat

Jasper, Indiana

Newton Street
Jasper, IN 47546
Phone: 812-787-0823
Open: mid April – mid October
9am-7pm Sun-Fri
9am-8pm Sat

Newburgh, Indiana

8120 High Pointe Dr
Newburgh, IN 47630
In parking lot of
Bob’s Gym & Fitness Center.
Phone: 812-486-8101
Open: mid June – mid August
9am-7pm Sun-Fri
9am-8pm Sat