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Amy’s Flower Tips

Containers Planting Basics

  1. Start with a new or sanitized container. Old potting soil must be removed as it is contaminated from what grew in it previously. Get creative! Nothing is too small or large! Just remember it must have good drainage.
  2. Fill the container with a quality soil-less potting mix, preferably one containing slow release fertilizer. Cheap potting soils are very costly, as the plants will never be as beautiful as they could be.  We want you to have maximum success for your efforts.
  3. Use the proper ratio of plants in proportion to pot size. Some suggested guidelines (depending on the size of the plants)
    • Small Container (8-10” size): 3 plants
    • Medium Container (12-14″): 5 plants
    • Large Container (16-20″): 7 plants or more
  4. After determining the proper number of plants, choose those that require the same growing conditions. i.e. sun/shade and moist/dry requirements. Pick tall “thrillers”, mounding “fillers” and low or trailing “spillers”  to balance out the container and give dimension.  We would be more than happy to help you with this!
  5. Set the plants in the proper locations in your pot before planting to get an idea of the look.  Be sure and “tickle” the roots.  Plant the plants into the potting soil no deeper than the top of each rootball. Planting too deeply can kill many kinds of plants. Gently firm the soil around the root systems as you plant.Water the container well. Check moisture levels daily.
  6. In hot, dry weather, and depending on the size of your pot, containers often need watered more than once a day if they are grown outside.  Feeding the plants periodically with water soluble fertilizer will ensure vigorous healthy growth and more flowers.
  7. As the plants grow, occasionally use a pair of scissors to give them “haircut” to keep encourage new blooms  and not get stringy.

Five locations open 7 days a week

Washington, Indiana

2 Locations

405 South State Rd 57
Washington, IN 47501
Phone: 812-257-0805
Open: mid April – mid September
Hours: April Flower Season
9am – 6pm Mon-Sat
11am – 5pm Sun
Vegetable Season
9am-7pm Sun-Fri
9am-8pm Sat

HWY 50
Washington, IN
Phone: 812-698-7853
Open: mid June – mid August
9am-7pm Sun-Fri
9am-8pm Sat

Loogootee, Indiana

609 West Broadway
Loogootee, IN 47553
Phone: 812-295-4189
Open: mid June – Labor Day
9am-7pm Sun-Fri
9am-8pm Sat

Jasper, Indiana

Newton Street
Jasper, IN 47546
Phone: 812-787-0823
Open: mid April – mid October
9am-7pm Sun-Fri
9am-8pm Sat

Newburgh, Indiana

8120 High Pointe Dr
Newburgh, IN 47630
In parking lot of
Bob’s Gym & Fitness Center.
Phone: 812-486-8101
Open: mid June – mid August
9am-7pm Sun-Fri
9am-8pm Sat